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Join us for a series created to support you in a consistent therapeutic practice through a sequence of yoga + craniosacral therapy, and massage therapy custom created specifically for your needs from beginning to end of pregnancy + beyond in a one-on-one setting with our highly trained therapists who will help guide you through life's greatest threshold on your journey to motherhood....

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The positive impact of therapeutic touch, breathwork, mindful movement + bodywork are expansive in nature to our overall health + well-being on a mental, physical, and emotional level. These benefits hold true for pre-natal + post-natal care. As the body changes; massage + yoga can help alleviate the aches + pains of pregnancy and assist in the precious healing postpartum process after your baby has arrived.

The Benefits Of Therapy

It is always important to take care of our physical + mental well-being; this is especially true during + immediately after pregnancy as you are going through changes which may increase stress + discomfort. The benefits of therapeutic massage + yoga have been shown to greatly improve our minds + bodies through this incredible journey. Below are just a few of the benefits we will address through each stage of  pregnancy + post partum care!

Prenatal Benefits

Alleviates backaches • Relieves leg cramps • Eases the load on the heart to help keep blood pressure in check • Minimizes stress on the nervous system • decreases pressure on the sciatic nerve • Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints • Encourages blood + lymph circulation • Provides a nurturing, soothing touch, which promotes the release of emotional + physical tension

Post-natal Benefits

Relieves aching muscles • Promotes lymphatic drainage • Improves sleep • Reduces stress • Decreases swelling • Improves emotional well- being • Reduces anxiety + depression • Regulates hormones • Improves circulation • Reduces tension + headaches • Helps promote milk production • Improves proper posture + body mechanics • Relieves arm, neck, + shoulder tension + more

Pre + post natal

Treatment Packages


All treatment packages are fully customizable based on individual needs and may consist of the following: prenatal + postnatal massage, private yoga sessions, & cranio-sacral therapy.


Six Session Package

Six 60 minute sessions: $465

Six 90 minute sessions | $645

Savings of over $100


Nine Session Package

Nine 60 minute sessions | $675

Nine 90 minute sessions | $945

Savings of over $175


Twelve Session Package

Twelve 60 minute sessions | $885

Twelve 90 minute sessions | $1245

Savings of over $250


Eighteen Session Package

Eighteen 60 minute sessions | $1295

Eighteen 90 minute sessions | $1845

Savings of over $400

Not sure? Try our into package!

Three Session Package

Three 60 minute sessions | $225

Purchase a Package 

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